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1st Visit

1st Visit

During the first visit our DOM will conduct a complete analysis of symptoms, and medical history. The focus of the analysis is centered to ascertain anything that is relevant to implement the best treatment to solve all issues and improve the quality of life. The first visit usually has a duration of about two hours.

Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a whole and not just its symptoms. Our DOM will take time to implement a complete analysis of the person using a variety of diagnostic tools. The analysis of the tongue, palpitation of the pulse and certain acupuncture channels are the basis for a clear diagnosis. All relevant medical notes or tests, if any, shall be brought at the time of the first visit.

Treatment usually begin during the time of the first visit.
It is suggested to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing for any visit. Eating prior any treatment not to be hungry during any treatment is also recommended.

How will I be diagnosed

Your diagnosis starts with the information that you provide with the forms that you fill from our paperless patient information. This information is sent directly to us so we can review your information before we even see you. It will help us to understand your health needs a little better before you arrive.

The next step is questioning. We will ask more specific questions that help us understand the root cause(s) of your problem(s). These questions are one of the basic tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The questions start out focused on the eight principles of Chinese medicine. The principles are Yin and Yang, hot and cold, interior and exterior, and finally excess and deficiency also known as full and empty. Once we have an understanding about the nature of the health problem we will be able to ask more detailed questions. After the first intake the questioning in the following treatments will be more limited to the specific problem and will take less time.

Another diagnostic tool that is used with TCM is felling the pulse. We are not just taking the rate of the pulse. The pulse has very specific qualities that can be felt. The qualities are learned through a lot of training and practice. These qualities tell the practitioner more about what is happening within your body and may guide us to ask more questions as well as help in diagnosing your health needs.

Tongue diagnosis is another tool of TCM. The tongue changes constantly. The aspects that are looked at about the tongue are the body and coating. The body of the tongue we will look at the color, shape, moistness and movement. With the coating we will look at the amount, thickness, cracks and color. All of these qualities have different meanings as to what is happening in the body.

Observation is yet another tool that is used within TCM which will include looking and listening. By looking at the patient we will notice the complexion, posture, gait and movement of the body. With the listening part we will be listening to the cadence and volume of the voice and aspects of the breath.
All of these diagnostic tools will help us to make the proper decision on what we will do for the treatment of your health. These tools have been developed over centuries of research and practice of TCM.

Your treatment will be designed specifically for you. There are multiple types of treatments that can be used and we will use the best one for your health needs.
When a needle has been inserted, you may experience vague numbness, heaviness, tingling or dull ache sensation. Some people experience a sensation of energy spreading and moving around the needle or even in a different location of the body. These are signs that the treatment is working. After the treatment, you may feel energized or may experience a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
Other treatment aspects that can be used are:
Tui na, moxibustion, ear seeds, Gua sha, injection therapy, cupping as well as herbal therapy.


Best massage I've had in the Orlando area. Ed lin, was very good and professional. The place was clean and well kept. We got the worth of what we paid for. At other places, an hour massage is actually just 45 mins because they count your prep time too. At Lotus Blossom, you get your full hour of massage. We are definitely coming back! :)

Fantastic! Orlando's best kept massage secret. The staff is great with lovely facilities, and you can't beat the hours or availability! Sue is like a magician!

Robyn its fantastic ! This was my first massage, and Robyn it's just a sweetheart , she made a great job. I definitely recommend this place and ask for Robyn.

Crystal is the bomb! Best massage EVER!!! My flight was delayed, I thought why not get a massage till my flight is ready. Couldn't have gotten a better massage. Wish they were in Detroit!

Came here after a long drive from Houston and got sore feet from WDW walks & queue. Robyn knew how to fix my problem and really glad I found this place and got a good therapist. Came back 3 days later because experience back problems from roller coaster ride and again Robyn fixed that. She is very good as well on foot massage.


Monday - Saturday:
1st Appointment - 9:30 AM
Last Appointment - 8:30 PM
1st Appointment - 10:00 AM
Last Appointment - 7:30 PM

Massage Packages

Massage packages in Orlando
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