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Auricular Medicine

Auricular Medicine – $10

Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of diagnosis and treatment, discovering ailments anywhere in the human body by expertly examining the ear, which the well-trained practitioner can accurately determine symptoms and root causes of disease. Ears have been used to treat diseases in China for more than 2000 years. Based on the Theory of “Reversed Embryo”, ears reflect the condition of the human body. Auricular Points are the specific locations corresponding to different areas of the body. By stimulating the auricular points, we can treat the disharmony of its Auricular Medicine in Orlandocorresponding part(s). By examining various auricular points, one can get information about the health condition of a person. More importantly, it can also give the historical information of the disease and predict the potential of certain diseases. Auricular Seed Therapy refers to the application of vacarria seeds or magnetic pellets on tape, to a selected auricular point, and pressing it properly to stimulate the point and treat various diseases. The patient is taught how to stimulate the points at home so they may continue to experience effects of the treatment. Ear seeds typically remain on the ear for about a week so that the patient may treat themselves and obtain better lasting results. Auricular bleeding may be used to treat high fever, pain and inflammation, headache, dizziness, vertigo, constipation, and various skin conditions. Auricular treatment is safe and painless, and may be used as an alternative to acupuncture treatments, when needles are not desired.


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Came here after a long drive from Houston and got sore feet from WDW walks & queue. Robyn knew how to fix my problem and really glad I found this…


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